Monday, December 9, 2013

Server Update! (9/12/2013)

Hi guys, howsit going?
So Naka really has been going at it with some new commands on the server.
We are really excited about it and we really want you to see it for yourself.

Reputation points
From now on, you are able to get Reputation Points (RP).
With enough of these points you are able to purchase levels (score).
You get 2 points for every 20 minutes spend in the server.
There will be a menu which will open when u press Y
The main reason for this is for you guys to get more fun out of the server.

Money system
A new money system has been added.
From now on you can earn, store and give money.

Your account will be attached to the RP and the Money system, so you don't have to worry about losing anything.

There also have been some other fixes:
 - for the admins / mods, slap/megaslap/warn have been added,
 - SkinID changing to CJ fixed,
 - Textdraw overwriting bug fixed.

Naka said aswell that he is working on some other things aswell.
Be ready for some new experiences in the server.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Updates! (22/11/2013)

Hi guys,

Finally a new update.
So we basically have been doing some work on the server.
We managed to get some new admin commands and we are working on admins aswell.
For now, only every TC member is an admin.
It will be changing in the near future once we will get more people on a daily base in the server.
But it seems like our friends at TRS will be the first, other than TC members, to become admins.
We are also working on the radio streams and building streams ourselfs, like the Initial D radio.
We are hoping to get a custom playlist working, more info on that another time.

We have also been focusing on getting everything organised, so we set up some rules.
These are meant for members, but we will probably add a section for server rules in there too.
Next to that, we have arranged a testing log, so we can keep track of who's getting tested.

Hopefully we will bring more updates to the server for you guys.
We have some bright and new ideas for the server.
Together with Naka, we might be able to make it all work out fine.
We will be delivering more stuff on the server for you guys.
Thanks to everybody who supports us, even just visiting the server means a lot!


Saturday, October 26, 2013


Hi guys,

So we have been a little silent lately, but not for long anymore.
There have been people asking about a new mappack already.
It's crazy to think that people wanna fuck there game up with even more maps haha.
But in all seriousness, we will think about it, that's all I can say.
In the mean time, we've put up some polls on the right side of the page (1 answer only).
We need your feedback on this since we are only making stuff for you guys, our fans.
The polls will be up probably till the end of the year.
If you want to request anything or just plain want to talk to us personal, feel free to ask on skype.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Vote For Your Favorite Map!

Hey guys,

Real quick...
Naka put up a poll on his blog.
Please vote on your most favorite map(s) (you can have multiple votes).
We all would really appreciate it!


Server Updates! (30/09/2013)

Hi guys,

The server has been down for a while, but it's back up again.
We finally had some time to team up and work on it aswell.
After a bit of talking and some action this is what we have done:

  • added a selfmade ingame radio station
  • removed chilliad textures (fixing the crash bugs on it)
  • misc (changed some commands, car spawn system and a few other stuff)
Just small things done in a few hours, mostly by Naka with some help from me and Godlike.
Hope you guys like it!
Give us some feedback!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just Some Pics

Haii guys. Yesterday, I was just taking some pictures on Autopolis out of sheer boredom. Decided to post the good ones up here. Was hard to pick out good looking ones so there are quite a few pictures to go through. But you guys will like them I hope. Enjoy :P

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome to the new Blog

Hello everyone. Welcome to the brand new Total Consciousness blog. This is where we'll be updating you guys on everything we do. Sort of like a new "Base of Operations" type of thing. You'll see updates on everything here such as news on our server and updates we make to it, our times on time attacks, events, members and any cars and such we decide to make for TC.

For the moment, I'm glad to say the mappack was released yesterday evening and the following maps were added as well as who created the map:

[Momiji Yama] (Mt Koyo) by Drink_taiyaki
[Ebisuland] by KOHDYKTOP
[Nakayubi] by KOHDYKTOP
[Shomaru Pass] by KOHDYKTOP
[Rokko] by Ryosuke
[Autopolis] by KOHDYKTOP
[RockyIsland] by KOHDYKTOP
[White Hill] by 46Neko
[Ebisu West] by KOHDYKTOP
[Irohazaka Pass] by KOHDYKTOP 
[Red Ring] by KOHDYKTOP
[Akagi Pass] by KOHDYKTOP 

All credits go KOHDYKTOP, 46Neko, Ryosuke, and Drink_tatiyaki for their expert work on the maps they made and we appreciate them for it and giving us the opportunity to take advantage of their work and put it all together in a pack everyone can enjoy. Well, that's pretty much all for now. Will be consistently updating here with news on anything going on. For now, enjoy the mappack and our server. Here's our server IP also.

HostName: Total Consciousness [TC] | Drift Server [Beta]
Players:  12 / 300
Ping:     59
Mode:     Drift
Map:      San Andreas

Hope you guys come visit and stay and Happy July 4th!