Friday, November 22, 2013

Updates! (22/11/2013)

Hi guys,

Finally a new update.
So we basically have been doing some work on the server.
We managed to get some new admin commands and we are working on admins aswell.
For now, only every TC member is an admin.
It will be changing in the near future once we will get more people on a daily base in the server.
But it seems like our friends at TRS will be the first, other than TC members, to become admins.
We are also working on the radio streams and building streams ourselfs, like the Initial D radio.
We are hoping to get a custom playlist working, more info on that another time.

We have also been focusing on getting everything organised, so we set up some rules.
These are meant for members, but we will probably add a section for server rules in there too.
Next to that, we have arranged a testing log, so we can keep track of who's getting tested.

Hopefully we will bring more updates to the server for you guys.
We have some bright and new ideas for the server.
Together with Naka, we might be able to make it all work out fine.
We will be delivering more stuff on the server for you guys.
Thanks to everybody who supports us, even just visiting the server means a lot!