Sunday, February 16, 2014

[Mappack 1.4] Step 2 - Textures v1

Hey guys,

Pretty quick and short update.
First thing we will be working on is refreshing the maps.
They have been driven on for about 1-2 years, maybe even longer.
We decided to retexture as much as we can.
For now, we are looking at some retextures done by others.
Afterwards, we will see what we can do to finish up some things.

We got some polls up.
Hopefully you guys can vote on those.
If you wonder what the textures look like:

SAkina Seasons:                                    Rokko Seasons:

Hopefully you guys can make a good decision.
If you don't like any of these, please let me or anybody from the Mappack Mod Team know.
We will try to get the best textures for you guys.

We also got 2 brand new textures for Autopolis: 1 by Erling and 1 by Trick.
Here are some pictures:

Trick's version:

Erling's version:

More textures are on the way.
For now, we already changed the old Irohazaka textures to the standard version with green grass.
Hopefully, we can find a better version for it.
If there are any requests for retextures or even new maps, feel free to drop them in the shoutbox or message any member of the Mappack Mod Team on skype.

SHHADA (& The Mappack Mod Team)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

[Mappack 1.4] Step 1 - Kick Off!

Hi guys.

So it has finally started. Mappack 1.4 is in process!
I'm very happy to keep this series rolling and to keep it up in the community.
Here's just some extra info.

First off, some sad news for the true mappack fans.
Naka has decided to step away from TC and Mappack 1.4.
We are a little sad about this, but as long as we are friends and as long as we all agree, it will be allright.
Naka has a lot of work to do himself and keeping up with the team and progressing might be to much.
We can't forget, he plays a major role in the SARP team and has other priorities as well.
After all, TC started as a side project for fun.

Now for some good news.
We know we have to step up the game with 1.4.
It's kinda hard to top 1.3 after all, we managed to get so many maps together, including the big ones such as Rokko and Mt. Koyo.
So, in order to get better results, we gathered around a team for making Mappack 1.4.

The members are:
SHHADA - Me, myself and I. I will lead the team, help with scripting, retexturing and optionally testing and modeling. I'll try to do as much as I can together in team work with the others.
Alex - Our very own true Uphiller. He will mostly be involved with things such as opinions, testing and many other things
Erling - A very skilled texture maker. He will be involved in retexturing maps and perhaps even making seasonal textures for maps.
FreeZiic - The modeler. He has been working on numerous amount of convertions of maps from SA to IV and hopefully will gain more and more experience with SA maps and benefit the mappack a lot!
Godlike - Our trusty Downhiller. He will be helping me a lot. Next to being my trusty right hand, he will also be doing various other things, such as scripting and testing. He will be doing a lot of research as well.
Trick - Another skillful texture maker. He will be, just like Erling, involved with the textures on every map. A lot of retextures and making some maps look better overall. Hopefully he will help as well with the videos.
Jay - Our Downhill expert. He will be mostly involved with testing, opinions, possibly a bit of scripting and overall getting questions answered. He will also do a lot of research, just like Godlike.
KOHDYKTOP - The map maker. He models, scripts, converts and makes a lot of maps. He will be an important asset to the team. Without him, there would be no extra maps at all.
Flash - a skillful Modder. His previous experience with map modding will help us greatly in getting better results and helping us understand things better. He probably will do some scripting as well
Juaddy - Our Uphill expert. His previous experience on working together with the rest of TC and Naka on Mappack 1.3 will help us get more maps into the mappack. He will have various tasks of his own choice.
Unique - The fully focused tester. His keen eye, which he got from driving maps on a daily/weekly base, will help us find the errors we can't see. His advice will help the mappack greatly.

We just started collecting maps & retextures and we are putting our ideas all together, picking out the best ones.
It will be a long way till it's done.
The release date will be somewhere in the Summer.
Official release date will be announced later, probably in a video.
I hope to make a new update soon, probably next month.
We're really excited to keep up the mappack for the community.

That's all for now.
If there will be any new members, i'll be sure to let you guys know in the latest mappack update.
Keep following the blog for the latest mappack update.

SHHADA (& The Mappack Modding Team)