Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just Some Pics

Haii guys. Yesterday, I was just taking some pictures on Autopolis out of sheer boredom. Decided to post the good ones up here. Was hard to pick out good looking ones so there are quite a few pictures to go through. But you guys will like them I hope. Enjoy :P

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome to the new Blog

Hello everyone. Welcome to the brand new Total Consciousness blog. This is where we'll be updating you guys on everything we do. Sort of like a new "Base of Operations" type of thing. You'll see updates on everything here such as news on our server and updates we make to it, our times on time attacks, events, members and any cars and such we decide to make for TC.

For the moment, I'm glad to say the mappack was released yesterday evening and the following maps were added as well as who created the map:

[Momiji Yama] (Mt Koyo) by Drink_taiyaki
[Ebisuland] by KOHDYKTOP
[Nakayubi] by KOHDYKTOP
[Shomaru Pass] by KOHDYKTOP
[Rokko] by Ryosuke
[Autopolis] by KOHDYKTOP
[RockyIsland] by KOHDYKTOP
[White Hill] by 46Neko
[Ebisu West] by KOHDYKTOP
[Irohazaka Pass] by KOHDYKTOP 
[Red Ring] by KOHDYKTOP
[Akagi Pass] by KOHDYKTOP 

All credits go KOHDYKTOP, 46Neko, Ryosuke, and Drink_tatiyaki for their expert work on the maps they made and we appreciate them for it and giving us the opportunity to take advantage of their work and put it all together in a pack everyone can enjoy. Well, that's pretty much all for now. Will be consistently updating here with news on anything going on. For now, enjoy the mappack and our server. Here's our server IP also.

HostName: Total Consciousness [TC] | Drift Server [Beta]
Players:  12 / 300
Ping:     59
Mode:     Drift
Map:      San Andreas

Hope you guys come visit and stay and Happy July 4th!