Monday, December 9, 2013

Server Update! (9/12/2013)

Hi guys, howsit going?
So Naka really has been going at it with some new commands on the server.
We are really excited about it and we really want you to see it for yourself.

Reputation points
From now on, you are able to get Reputation Points (RP).
With enough of these points you are able to purchase levels (score).
You get 2 points for every 20 minutes spend in the server.
There will be a menu which will open when u press Y
The main reason for this is for you guys to get more fun out of the server.

Money system
A new money system has been added.
From now on you can earn, store and give money.

Your account will be attached to the RP and the Money system, so you don't have to worry about losing anything.

There also have been some other fixes:
 - for the admins / mods, slap/megaslap/warn have been added,
 - SkinID changing to CJ fixed,
 - Textdraw overwriting bug fixed.

Naka said aswell that he is working on some other things aswell.
Be ready for some new experiences in the server.