Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[Mappack 1.4] Fully back on track!!!

Hey guys,

In the last few months, we were on and off working on the mappack.
There wasn't a lot of motivation for it, a lot of struggle and confusion as well.
I'm glad to say we have gotten rid of nearly all our struggles and confusions and we understand fully what we are doing and where we are heading.

We had trouble with the placements of maps mostly. SAMP placement and SA placement are 2 completely different things. the code for it is so confusing compared to each other and a real headache trying to get from one IPL into the other.
We managed to find some better tools and programs for it and now we are able to get stuff done quickly and swiftly. Instead of a monthly task, placing a map will probably be cut down to between a day and a week, depending on the factors that play a big role, like finding a free spot, how many dff's there are and also how much it actually is.

Also, i'm glad to inform you that we have Naka helping us out with this.
As a matter of fact, together with him we were able to understand things even better.
Not only that, we will now be working on the server more as well!
Jay and I are getting some server scripting lessons from Naka so we are able to get stuff done even better and faster for the server.

Now, i'm not saying Naka is fully back, but we're all very happy he's here to help.
Most importantly, we are thrilled to be hanging out with him again.

This will be the last post of 2014, not sure when we will post in 2015 to be honest.
Probably nothing will happen in February, since GTA V will release in late January and almost everybody from the mappack modding team is getting it, including myself.
As soon as we have more updates, I will make another post.

Oh right, just one more last thing...
If you want to make any suggestions, you can do it right here on the uD forums.
Just make sure to follow the template ;)
More interactions through the forums will come very very soon.