Sunday, February 16, 2014

[Mappack 1.4] Step 2 - Textures v1

Hey guys,

Pretty quick and short update.
First thing we will be working on is refreshing the maps.
They have been driven on for about 1-2 years, maybe even longer.
We decided to retexture as much as we can.
For now, we are looking at some retextures done by others.
Afterwards, we will see what we can do to finish up some things.

We got some polls up.
Hopefully you guys can vote on those.
If you wonder what the textures look like:

SAkina Seasons:                                    Rokko Seasons:

Hopefully you guys can make a good decision.
If you don't like any of these, please let me or anybody from the Mappack Mod Team know.
We will try to get the best textures for you guys.

We also got 2 brand new textures for Autopolis: 1 by Erling and 1 by Trick.
Here are some pictures:

Trick's version:

Erling's version:

More textures are on the way.
For now, we already changed the old Irohazaka textures to the standard version with green grass.
Hopefully, we can find a better version for it.
If there are any requests for retextures or even new maps, feel free to drop them in the shoutbox or message any member of the Mappack Mod Team on skype.

SHHADA (& The Mappack Mod Team)

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