Saturday, August 30, 2014

[Mappack 1.4] Step 2 - Textures v2

Hi guys,

The process so far with the textures is going great!
With Trick taking the lead on retexturing, the process that has been made is amazing!
So far, these maps have gotten retextures:

 - Autopolis
 - Old Irohazaka
 - Usui
 - Okaru
 - SinMyogi
 - Ebisu East (Higashi)
 - Bihoku
 - Project Touge
 - Drift Korea
 - Rokko

Most of them are made from scratch by Trick himself, some have just been touched up a bit to look slightly better.
Hopefully soon enough, we will have retextured every map.
New updates will be announced right after they have been made.


P.S. we have added new maps, but we have some trouble with placing them on the map.
They might not have any ramps to drive on like in previous versions, but we will try to keep those in. No guarantee on that though.

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