Thursday, April 2, 2015

[Mappack 1.4] Status Low

Hi there,

I've got good and bad news... mostly bad...
After a long hard period of time I have decided to leave the Mappack Modding Team.
This happened already a couple of months ago.
Since then there has been barely or maybe even no progress at all on MP1.4
I'm sorry for those who anticipated it for so long, but didn't get any chance to witness MP1.4 become reality.

Now, there are 2 choices for the people out there.
  1. Do you want the unfinished version of Mappack 1.4? (Mappack 1.4 beta3)
  2. Do you want the Mappack to get finished properly?
If you choose for option number 2, I will need every ounce of support I can get.
Together with a smaller group, we will turn Mappack 1.4 into a real finished version.

I (and I think a couple of others as well) feel very guilty for not finishing up Mappack 1.4 sooner or finishing at all, but our lifes, opinions and a lot of other things just clashed and personally for me the pressure was too much to handle.

I'll leave a poll open until Summer Holiday. If we don't get enough response at all, we won't release 1.4 (atleast not any time soon).

Thanks for everything so far, hope there are still people interested enough to vote on the poll...



  1. If not finished then release what is.


  2. I do feel guilty despite the matter of lack in communication and how the team started to slack off. Anyways, if you guys choose option two, I go back to Mappack 1.4v Team. I left because of inactivity. If there going to start it again then i'll join in.


  3. do not close this project nubssssssssssss

  4. There are many map modeller out there i think it should be proposed to them

  5. plz finish it .. i realy miss those touges and tracks .. damn this new samp cant support 1.3 mp. 😢😢

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  6. Well im just support it and do not force yourself if u tired on Mappack 1.4 bro :) great work


    1. Dude he leave already so he never come here. For ever.

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  9. Please guys! finish the v1.4 mappack! it's very funny race in your mappack and you made an incredible work to leave the project unfinished :C.


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  11. If you can finish it, try it out, or just release the beta3 version.